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Entry #1


2007-07-17 18:16:40 by GirlFlash

thank you newgrounds, I guess you finaly decided I'm not just a number... WELL UR WRONG, I AM A NUMBER!
... its 47 >.>

I guess I'd better stop being stupid and start talking sense (lol and on newgrounds too, I'm such a rebel)
basically I just wanted to say these few things:

1) my website ( is not ready yet, dont visit it.

2) my upcoming game (viviscape) is not done yet, so dont play it.

if fact the only thing you can do is play my game for the rock out contest which is MegaSuper:EXTREME (the links underneath, why should I put one here too? scroll down ya lazy bastard!)

also you may grope me if you wish, but be warned I may kill you for it *makes with the shifty eyes*


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2007-07-17 20:52:40



2007-07-19 10:32:11

Yay woo, its the new NG, go go NG powers. i likes it, very funky, must have spent the first hour wathcing the bitesize!!! trying to figure out how to add you to my fav artists...i will find it!!!

GirlFlash responds:

the links on any submission I think, the trouble is I dont think its working at the moment D:

anyhoo, I need to note a you about a dog >.>


2011-06-17 01:40:56

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