website GET!

2007-08-05 20:19:04 by GirlFlash

! ! ! ! ! !

its just a blog for now but cooler stuff will appear

viviscape news included!


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2007-08-06 04:44:34

oooooo how did you do that


2007-08-07 05:17:43

I await your reskin and viviscape updates! ^-^

The water puddle looks nice :)



2007-08-10 02:43:59

i must give my name and address to comment there. what do you from us want here? how 'bout a fresh kitten. you could collect enough for another great flash in no time.


2007-08-24 18:28:17

Nice coding on viviscape, grass and headband thing particularly. Graphics are pretty sweet, too.


2007-10-20 16:56:04

D:< get working on it or I'll have to break out my whip


2008-02-04 18:11:46

Nice to see girls make things like you :) .. <3


2010-06-21 08:47:39

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