Entry #5

That new game I posted about in my last news thingy...

2009-03-05 19:54:49 by GirlFlash

going to take a while, so its going into my pile of games that I work on from time to time but rarely ever is my main focus.

in other news, I havent uploaded anything in a while, but thats all going to change soon, promise :D

I have a few new games I want to put on here but feel they could do with a little modding first (no one can tear a game apart like NGers, which is a compliment in most ways, but the game needs extra strong stitches before I'm happy letting you play with it).

dont think I have much other news but to say I have a very cool secret project on the way :D

That new game I posted about in my last news thingy...


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2009-03-09 16:04:46

Looks Good ! ... And I'm looking forward to the 'Secret Project' .


2009-03-15 19:04:55

well as i can see thats the beta ver i wanna see the color =D


2010-06-13 07:21:39

Come back to Newgrounds!


2011-01-29 10:42:04

What happened to Bunnies of Fury?