going to take a while, so its going into my pile of games that I work on from time to time but rarely ever is my main focus.

in other news, I havent uploaded anything in a while, but thats all going to change soon, promise :D

I have a few new games I want to put on here but feel they could do with a little modding first (no one can tear a game apart like NGers, which is a compliment in most ways, but the game needs extra strong stitches before I'm happy letting you play with it).

dont think I have much other news but to say I have a very cool secret project on the way :D

That new game I posted about in my last news thingy...

New game on the way

2008-08-04 10:12:30 by GirlFlash

so its been a while since I've posted here, but thats mostly because I havent had much to put up, thats soon to change though, for a new game is on the way. I'm not letting much info slip about it, as I'd rather everyone gets the same first play experience. suffice to say that its going to kick ass.

attached is a real time screen ^_^

New game on the way

website GET!

2007-08-05 20:19:04 by GirlFlash

! ! ! SophieHoulden.com ! ! !

its just a blog for now but cooler stuff will appear

viviscape news included!

lucky number 13

2007-07-20 06:03:33 by GirlFlash

hoo rah, I managed to place in the top 20 in the rock out contest.

of coure you know what this means?


it mean i'm opening up flash and working on viviscape :D


2007-07-17 18:16:40 by GirlFlash

thank you newgrounds, I guess you finaly decided I'm not just a number... WELL UR WRONG, I AM A NUMBER!
... its 47 >.>

I guess I'd better stop being stupid and start talking sense (lol and on newgrounds too, I'm such a rebel)
basically I just wanted to say these few things:

1) my website (www.sophiehoulden.com) is not ready yet, dont visit it.

2) my upcoming game (viviscape) is not done yet, so dont play it.

if fact the only thing you can do is play my game for the rock out contest which is MegaSuper:EXTREME (the links underneath, why should I put one here too? scroll down ya lazy bastard!)

also you may grope me if you wish, but be warned I may kill you for it *makes with the shifty eyes*